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JoramMQ Entreprise includes an unlimited access to the performance evaluation service MQPerf. The service may be used as its community version and as its standard version as well.

MQPerf is provided as a probe, to be executed locally, and as a Web service, to interpret the results of the probe and produce a report.

MQPerf community

The community version of the service enables you to quickly evaluate JORAM on your system.

MQPerf community provides you with a better understanding of JORAM capabilities, considering the software itself and the hardware used for executing it. With this knowledge you may use JORAM in the best way, thus reducing the risk for your application to run into performance limitations. You also gain, early in the project, a fair evaluation of the potential of your application to handle an increasing input load.

A more detailed description may be found here.

MQPerf standard

The standard version of the service tests JoramMQ Entreprise. With it you get a documented analysis of the behavior of JoramMQ under a great number of usage scenarios. A total of 48 scenarios are executed, for the widest possible behavioral sampling of JoramMQ.

For each tested scenario you get history charts rendering the evolution of chosen indicators of JoramMQ all over the test duration, and not only raw performance figures You may then evaluate the durability of the performance. You also get the optimal configuration of JoramMQ used to get those results.

The project leader, during the initial architecture phase or while responding to a call for tenders, gets with MQPerf standard a performance analysis report backed up by ScalAgent DT expertise and label. He may use this study directly into the document he builds to comfort his choice of JoramMQ. A preliminary execution of MQPerf community shows him that JORAM matches his performances requirements.

The project leader with a performance problem will find with MQPerf standard the optimal configuration of JoramMQ to improve its performance, if it is possible. A preliminary check with MQPerf community may give him the minimal potential gain. In a borderline case, MQPerf standard provides him with the behavioral charts which give him a better insight into the JORAM performances rationale. He may then consider modifying his software architecture to better handle the load.

There is no limitation on using the MQPerf standard service, while in the context of the project.

A more detailed description may be found here.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise


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