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JoramMQ Entreprise Silver pack

Our standard Silver pack has been designed for supporting the end user during the whole life cycle of its application project (see End user offering). It has also been adapted to the case of an IT services company realizing the project on behalf of the end user (see IT services offering).

JoramMQ Silver pack, as all our support contracts, guarantees the intervention of ScalAgent DT in a set term, for an unlimited number of execution issues related to the client project, and for a fixed yearly price. The client names the supported project when subscribing.

Included options

Service description

The number of execution issues covered by contract is unlimited.

When the execution issue may not be reproduced and when the involvment of JoramMQ in the issue remains unclear, the contract still guarantees that ScalAgent DT assists the user according to a specific procedure called a client intervention. ScalAgent DT commitment is limited to 2 such procedures per year.

In case of the client being an IT services company, then the client procedure intervention includes the environment of our IT services client as well as the environment of its own client. The IT services client names its own client when subscribing to the support service.

Besides execution issues, the pack includes a pool of 16 hours of development support/consulting on the first year.

Service conditions

The client names contacts (maximum 2) allowed to initiate requests to ScalAgent DT. Requests are issued, in french or english language, using the dedicated Web interface. Other communication means may be used while processing the request.

Support is available during business days, from 9am to 6pm french time. Requests are taken over in a maximum delay of 8h.

Supported configurations

Supported JoramMQ configurations are simple, up to 4 interconnected servers. Support applies to a single operational deployment, and to as many other deployments as required by the client methodology.

The client chooses a single JoramMQ version for the contract. Some versions are labelled LTS for Long Term Support. A new LTS version is labelled every 12 to 18 months. An LTS version is supported for 3 years from its release date.

Additional options

Service extensions

The number of client interventions may be raised to 10 if the client wishes to limit its task of isolating the issue to the JoramMQ middleware layer.

Similarly if the client wishes more help, maybe including programming small components of his application, then he may raise the pool of development support/consulting hours.

Service conditions

Support may be extended to all days (7/7) at all times (24/24).

Supported configurations

Complex (up to 16 interconnected servers) and very complex (more than 16 servers) configurations require more resources. Such configurations are supported through an additional option.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
Technical terms
Technical terms

version 2.1, february 9, 2012 -120209-support-en-v2-1.pdf [65.1 kb]

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