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JoramMQ Entreprise helps you optimize your use of JORAM. The JoramMQ offering is built on top of the JORAM open-source product. It includes a set of tools and services serving a business project.

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Optimal JORAM performance reports

The MQPerf service enables you to find out JORAM optimal performances on your own system, without paying the necessary cost in terms of skill development and work load.

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Mediation Suite

Infrastructure to integrate usage data from devices

The Mediation Framework provides all cross-domains functions required by a mediation system. It enables the customization of which device to integrate and which usage data to work on, according to the application domain. The framework is made of mediation components (embedding the functions operating on data), mediation servers comprising the middleware and all cross-platform communications features, deployment and reconfiguration tools enabling the remote deployment of mediation solutions and their dynamic reconfiguration, and a software development kit enabling the customization of your solution.

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The CCSDS Message Abstraction Layer (MAL) provides message abstraction and generic service patterns to the Mission Operation services.

The MAL-JORAM is the first implementation of the MAL spécification on top of the JORAM asynchronous middleware.

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MQTT is a new middleware standard in the context of M2M and IoT.

Our implementation in JoramMQ is exeptionally scalable, as compared to ActiveMQ, Apollo, Mosquitto or RabbitMQ.

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14/6/22 - JoramMQ 1.16.0 available

This new version includes many functional improvements, including the provision of an extended (...)

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