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ScalAgent Distributed Technologies is an independent software vendor, expert in asynchronous middleware. ScalAgent DT provides middleware products and expertise to help you in designing and prototyping your distributed applications.


- ScalAgent DT has designed JORAM, the MOM distributed by the OW2 Consortium. JORAM is the open source alternative to IBM WebSphere MQ.
- ScalAgent DT initiated, in close cooperation with CNES, the space industry standard CCSDS MAL. ScalAgent DT has designed MAL/JORAM, the reference implementation of this standard.
- ScalAgent DT has designed and implemented the Econnectware™ RFID middleware for Tagsys RFID, based on the Mediation Suite framework.

Who are we?

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies is a start-up company, spinoff from cooperating research between Bull and University (INRIA, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Université Joseph Fourier-Grenoble). For many years, ScalAgent DT team has built expertise and advanced technical building blocks in the distributed system area. This technology exploits the properties and benefits of asynchronous communication systems in the Internet world.

company brochure
company brochure


Scalagent Distributed Technologies +33 (0)4 7629-7981 +33 (0)4 7633-8773 serge.lacourte@scalagent.com
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