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The JoramMQ Entreprise runtime is based on the latest reference version of JORAM, as it is published on ow2.org. It is enriched with additional software components leading to notable performance improvements under specific usage conditions, and with specific pieces of software and packaging helping JORAM integration to various environments.

Compliance with standards and connectivity

  • JMS™ 2.0 - JORAM is fully compliant with JMS 2.0. This enables the seamless integration with legacy applications that provide a JMS plug-in.
  • Protocols - Basic Internet and Web-based protocols are supported: TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP-XML, SSL, … Joram is also accessible through AMQP (v1.0) and STOMP protocols. A JoramMQ plugin provides the MQTT conformance.
  • J2EE™ Integration - JORAM has been integrated with several J2EE application servers, open source and/or proprietary products [1].
  • Platforms - JORAM is available on a large range of devices, from application servers to internet appliances. J2ME applications, running on lightweight devices [2], are able to use JORAM messaging capabilities to interoperate with JMS-based applications over Internet.
  • Non Java Client Access - Joram offers a "JMS like" API for C and C++ clients, AMQP and STOMP protocols allows the use of JORAM through multiples langages [3].
  • Interoperability - A generic gateway allows JORAM applications to interoperate seamlessly with foreign applications running on any JMS-compliant messaging service. Additional gateways are also available with the SMTP mail system and with the FTP file transfer.

Efficient and reliable Platform

JORAM benefits from an agent-based truly distributed MOM architecture that prevents bottleneck performance problems:

  • Scalability and Distribution - The fully distributed message broker architecture enables a high level of scalability for JORAM systems
  • Load Balancing enabled -The support of clustering architectures allows the CPU usage to be optimized through load balancing facilities.

The combination of the Store and Forward facility with the use of the highly reliable Scalagent MOM provides 100% guaranteed message delivery despite network transient failures or disconnected mode.

  • Guaranteed Message Delivery - JORAM provides 100% message delivery guaranty in case of transient failures of the network, the connections or the servers CPU. Internal lightweight transactions features, as well as atomic execution and failure recovery mechanism ensure this property.
  • Store and Forward - The autonomy of JMS clients is preserved through the store and forward feature despite network failures.
  • Transactions - JORAM provides support for XA transactions.

Joram allows to replicate Queue and Topic over multiple servers.

  • High-Availibility - High available applications are supported through the use of clustered destinations. Such destinations allow both a higher degree of availability as well as bandwidth reduction on a wide area network basis.
  • Load-Balancing - This feature allows to spread the inherent load of the transport and processing of messages on different servers, reducing the CPU load of each server and the network traffic between servers.

Flexibility and Evolutions

  • Architectural Configurability - A JORAM system is highly configurable. Configurability applies at many levels (e.g. servers, placement of queues and topics, communication protocols, etc.), so that a given JORAM platform can be tailored to meet the requirements of the targeted application.
  • Extensibility -
    • Queue and Topic implements an extension framework for data acquisition (create JMS message from external data), handling and transformation, and data distribution (create external data from JMS message).
    • The agent API, available besides the pure JMS API, allows the rapid development of complex distributed applications while ensuring full interoperability with JMS applications.
  • Quality of Service - JORAM manages various QoS levels for persistency and security purposes - optionnal SSL protocol.

Management and Security

Joram includes a distributed management and deployment infrastructure that will dramatically simplify your administration operations. It provides authentication, authorization, and encryption support that ensure the protection of your messages.

  • Administration API - JORAM provides an extensive support for JMX allowing you to monitor and control the behavior of the broker through standard JMX Management facilities. A powerful CLI like administration API is also available.
  • Encryption - SSL connections allow safe communication between JORAM servers.
  • Authentication - JORAM manages users, access rights and passwords.
  • Firewall-friendly - JORAM can manage firewall security architecture.

Integration support

As a key component of integration solutions, the MOM easily integrates with various existing environments. JoramMQ Entreprise brings in pieces of software and packaging to help with the following products:

  • various Linux and Windows systems,
  • various Java runtimes,
  • various J2EE implementations,
  • various other integration products.

JoramMQ Entreprise has been validated and is supported with those environments and their future releases.

[1] JOnAS, JBoss, WebLogic, …

[2] PDA, SmartPhone, or any java-based embedded system

[3] The support of SOAP as the communication protocol between a client and a JMS server allows non Java clients to use the messaging platform functionalities


This component was originally the result of a scientific cooperation between ScalAgent Distributed Technologies, Bull and INRIA. JORAM has been made available for download since May 2000 and it is embedded in multiple products. As a standalone software, JORAM has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Today the development of JORAM benefits from a large community of developers and users within OW2 consortium. This is a guarantee of durability, quality and evolution.

Open source
Open source

JORAM is available under the LGPL licence, which is a very flexible certified open-source licence. JORAM can be thus used in any product and can be freely redistributed.

Please consult the gnu.org web pages for more information about the LGPL (Lesser General Public Licence).

Core features
Core features

JORAM has the following relevant features:

  • Fully compliant with JMS 2.0 and AMQP v1.0, STOMP protocol support for cross language clients.
  • Clustering for scalability and reliability, supports Master/Slave architecture for fault tolerance.
  • JMS Bridges to connect to other JMS compatible servers.
  • XA and JTA transaction support, Application Server integration using the JCA standard.
  • Security features integrated with JAAS.
  • Paging to support large messages
  • Multiples network connectors over TCP, SSL and HTTP allowing messaging over wan and firewalls.
  • JMX based management and simple XML configuration.


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