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JORAM is the proven platform that simplifies reliable message-based application development while delivering unlimited scalability and standard-based interoperability.

JoramMQ Entreprise enriches the open-source JORAM runtime with a set of tools and services which help optimize the development and operation of a JORAM application. JoramMQ Entreprise follows the freemium model of open-source, allowing you to get the best of both worlds: liberty of replicating the software and guarantee of support and maintenance from a professional. This makes it a true open-source alternative to proprietary integration platforms.

Using JoramMQ Entreprise as your messaging system, you benefit from the following advantages:

Reliability and compliance to standards

JORAM is fully compliant with several standards: Java (JMS 2.0, J2EE), network (TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP, SSL), other MOM related (STOMP, AMQP 1.0, MQTT 3.1, 3.1.1 and 5.0).

JORAM internal architecture makes use of an innovative technology based on distributed agents, which gives it an unparalleled liberty of deployment architecture. This is specially appreciated in a distributed environment, and is a key factor enabling scaling.

Reliability of messages is at the core of JORAM implementation. It is a mandatory factor for an entreprise message bus. This is not done at the expenses of performances, and a special care has been taken in implementing the transaction modules.

JORAM is open, extensible, and design to integrate into a wide range of environments.

Dedicated and efficient tools

The JoramMQ developer console gives the right clues for analysing and controlling a JORAM system. It displays MOM significant indicators, much more natural to the developer than the basic JMX indicators. It provides controls to manage the deployment and life of the JORAM servers. It may also be used by the developer over an executing system in operation, if required.

The JoramMQ operator console displays simple indicators of the correct execution of a JORAM system. They are accessible without any special competency required, as befits its use by a system operator. It integrates as a plugin into global management systems.

The MQPerf innovative service helps the project leader in handling the performance risk in its application. It provides him with a lever to operate very early in the project, for an optimal use. It may also be used lately to help identify the source of a performance problem.

Those tools and services are dedicated to each user intervening during the life cycle of the project, for an optimized experience of JORAM.

Low cost of Acquisition & ownership

JORAM is an open-source software component available from http://joram.ow2.org under LGPL licensing. There is no license cost attached to the industrial or commercial use of JORAM.

JoramMQ Entreprise, as a true freemium offering on JORAM, preserves this asset. The annual fee for JoramMQ Entreprise is fixed, and do not grow with new JORAM servers or clients being deployed during the project operation. This is true also for the engagement of support from ScalAgent DT, all inclusive for a project, so you know your maintenance costs from the beginning. JoramMQ Entreprise goes even further by allowing you to estimate your future hardware costs, from the very beginning of the project with the MQPerf service.

JORAM availability on a wide range of Java-based platforms - from J2EE™ to J2ME™- allows your ownership investment to be rationalized over your numerous heterogeneous systems and Internet devices. Moreover, JORAM respecting the standard (JMS and AMQP) guarantees you will find a great number of developers already knowing the technology.

JORAM is an all-in-one mature messaging solution. It includes many features that are missing in competitive offerings and it does not require third-party products. It provides a built-in atomic storage and a distributed JNDI server. The associated savings may be proven sizeable.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
MQTT protocol
M2M and IoT
MQTT protocol
M2M and IoT

JoramMQ Entreprise presents several faces. It is notably an MQTT broker with an impressive capability for scalability which makes it an ideal support for M2M and IoT usages.

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