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JoramMQ Entreprise helps you optimize your use of JORAM. The JoramMQ offering is built on top of the JORAM open-source product. It includes a set of tools and services serving a business project.

Java Open Reliable Asynchronous Messaging

JORAM is a popular open source messaging provider, which is used today in over 60 countries in the world. It fully supports JMS™ 1.1 and J2EE specifications. Since 2008 JORAM follows the evolution of AMQP protocol and implements its successive specifications (currently v1.0).

JORAM greatly benefits from the new generation Message Oriented Middleware from ScalAgent Distributed Technologies, an agent-based truly distributed architecture. The underlying innovative architecture allows distributed applications to be connected on a large-scale basis through Internet, enables load balancing and guarantees high availability and flexibility.

JORAM supports a lot of operational deployments, being used either:

  • as an autonomous Java messaging system connecting applications from various environments,
  • as the JMS messaging component integrated in a J2EE application server.

Power your Enterprise Information Backbone with JORAM

Message-Oriented Middleware is increasingly being seen as a key to improve the enterprise productivity and to facilitate the open services market. Today enterprises are faced with the challenges of time-to-market, data distribution, application integration and business flexibility in the context of loosely-coupled distributed systems encountered in multi-organization environments over the Internet:

  • E-business, EAI and B2B solutions
  • Telco management systems
  • Networked devices management solutions: energy, building/home automation, etc.

Support your project at every step

JoramMQ Entreprise supports you at every step in your business project, from the preliminary study to the operations, going through development and validation. JoramMQ includes:

  • the JORAM software as its latest reference version, unchanged from the official distribution at ow2.org, with a reference manual.
  • additional software components (plugins) leading to notable performance improvements under specific usage conditions  [1] .
  • pieces of software, packaging and documentation helping JORAM integration to various environments (JonAS, Jboss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Spring, Talend).
  • a developer console to control and analyze the behavior of JORAM during the development and test phases, and even during operation if required.
  • an operator console providing a comprehensive view of the JORAM system under operation, to be integrated to the standard Nagios or Hyperic environments.
  • support and maintenance of all the components of JoramMQ with guaranteed take over time, speeding the resolution of usage questions and execution problems raised during development, validation and operation steps.

A project centric offering

A major asset of JORAM, as an open-source product, is that there is no additional licence costs associated to a more extensive use. JoramMQ Entreprise preserves this asset with our project centric inclusive contracts, which cover all the steps of the project up to operations.

ScalAgent DT sells the standard silver contract for an annual fee, higher the first year and significantly lower afterwards. It matches the project life cycle, with an initial development phase requiring more support, followed by an operation phase with reduced needs.

The silver contract includes:

  • a most extended license to use the software components added to the standard JORAM runtime, in the context of the project.
  • a most extended license to use the tools (developer console, operator console), in the context of the project.
  • the new versions of JoramMQ Entreprise, in the context of the project and as long as the client renews its annual subscription.
  • usage support with unlimited issues, in the context of the project and as long as the client renews its annual subscription, with additional development support on the first year.

A client project is defined by the development, deployment, and/or installation of an application, under the control of a project leader. This definition depends on the client actual methodology, on what application means for him, on how he organizes to realize it, and possibly on implementation or deployment choices. It usually covers a single operational deployment, and as many deployments as necessary during the development and validation phases.

A gold contract targets ISVs who integrate JoramMQ into their product. It notably includes an unlimited number of operational deployments.

[1] The MQTT implementation is also shipped as a JoramMQ plugin.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
MQTT protocol
M2M and IoT
MQTT protocol
M2M and IoT

JoramMQ Entreprise presents several faces. It is notably an MQTT broker with an impressive capability for scalability which makes it an ideal support for M2M and IoT usages.

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