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JoramMQ Entreprise includes two specific tools respectively dedicated to the developer and to the operator.

Developer console

The developer console enables the developer to control and analyze the behavior of his JORAM application during the development and test phases. It notably allows:

  • stopping and restarting JORAM servers;
  • creating and modifying users;
  • creating and modifying destinations;
  • displaying and monitoring technical JORAM indicators related to servers, users, and destinations.

The developer console runs as a Web client. It uses the Hawtio and Jolokia standard Web technologies for a more intuitive interface.

Thanks to the controlling functions of the console, the developer manages more easily his JORAM configuration during the test phases. The monitoring functions enables him to better evaluate the sustainability of his system during the validation phase. They also help him to understand what happens when his system fails or operates in degraded conditions, and to target more quickly the source of the error.

There is no limitation on using the developer console, while in the context of the project.

Operator console

The operator console displays a comprehensive view of the JORAM system under operation. It shows the overall execution status, and signals warning and error situations. It includes green-orange-red indicators conveying:

  • the global execution status of JORAM;
  • the status of the elementary components of the JORAM servers (Engine, Network, Transaction);
  • the status of the JORAM destinations used by the application.

The JoramMQ Entreprise operator console is actually a plugin to integrate into a global monitoring system, as JORAM is just a component in the application to monitor. The console is available for the Nagios and Hyperic monitoring environments.

The operator console is simpler than the more technical JMX indicators of JORAM. It allows a simple operator to monitor JORAM with no specific knowledge of JMS. Some indicators warn the operator of an overloaded status of the system, which may be the sign of a failure to occur.

Besides the operator console, JoramMQ Entreprise provides a set of operating procedures, partially or totally automated. They allow:

  • to stop and restart JORAM servers,
  • to save and restore au JORAM server.

The procedures are written as scripts using the CLI like (Command Line Interface or shell) interface. They may be customized or extended by the developer, when building the administrative part of the application.

There is no limitation on using the operator console, while in the context of the project.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise


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