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ScalAgent DT offers a full range of consulting services to assist architects and developers with their using JoramMQ. Our team of experts can help you take your application to the next level of architecture and performance. With JoramMQ consulting services, your infrastructure will remain stable and robust, supporting your operations and continuing to deliver value as your business grows.

Consulting, advanced studies and prototyping

Our consulting services perform studies adapted to your specific environment and requirements. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best architecture design and tuning that fits your environment. Setting a distributed messaging system is a matter of performances, functionalities, and reliability, and our expertise in the product guarantees you to find the best match.

Custom software development and integration

We build the messaging application that meets your business requirements on demand. We deploy the solution on your networked infrastructure and we integrate it with your business environment. Based on your schedule of conditions, we deliver in aggressive time-scale the solution that exactly fits your demand and that better exploits the capabilities of the JoramMQ product.

Our custom professional services are highly flexible to address specific issues such as on-site troubleshooting, design review, deployment planning, project delivery and other value-adding services tailored to suit your needs. We also provide packaged professional services covering architectural application review, migration and solutions and proof of concept.

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