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IT services client project

As an IT services company, you realize all or some of the life cycle phases of your client application.

The project includes all phases from realization to operation, going through test and deployment, be you totally or only partially in charge of them. It is quite common for the client to operate the application itself, not delegating this phase. You are then likely to intervene in your client environment, when the application is deployed, or even when it is in operation for maintenance purpose.

The project assumes a single operational deployment of the application, be it on your client system or outsourced on your own system. However it allows as many simultaneous executions as required during the programming and debugging phases.

You may also want to set up a validation or preoperational platform, that you or your client will maintain. This deployment is also included in the configurations supported by the project based support packs from ScalAgent DT.

IT services offering

Our standard Silver pack has been designed for the reference use case where the end user takes on the whole application life cycle. This pack may fit the needs of the IT services company, which is somehow the working hand for the end user. We have amended it (see below) with specificities of the IT services project.

The pack includes solutions for any number of execution issues raised during the development or operation project phases, and a pool of 16h development support on the first year, more dedicated to questions arising during the application programming or deployment.

Client intervention

Our support packs include a number of client interventions. When the issue cannot be reproduced in our environment, we commit to intervene in the client environment. In the IT services project use case you are our client, which would exclude any intervention in your client environment. In order to fully assume the IT services project, we handle requests for client intervention on the end user system as we do on our own client system.

Additional options

24/24h 7/7j support

When continuous operation is critical, we commit to start working on short notice, even off standard working time.

Configuration complexity

The standard offer targets simple JoramMQ configurations, i.e. limited to 4 interconnected servers. Complex (up to 16 interconnected servers) and very complex (more than 16 servers) configurations require more resources, and are supported through an additional option.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
Technical terms
Technical terms

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