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VAR client project

As a value added reseller you have chosen JORAM to be integrated to your own product or service. Your product is to be deployed largely, and you do not directly benefit from its execution. Moreover you make your product or service evolve with successive versions. Those characteristics strongly diverge from the reference end user client project.

A VAR project can be viewed as a single unit, but at the same time it replicates the phases of a standard client project:

  • a new development phase runs for each version of the product/service;
  • every target platform requires a specific validation phase, and sometimes even a specific development phase for the most complex cases;
  • every end user of the product/service requires specific deployment and maintenance phases.

This specific definition of a VAR client project is supported by our Gold support pack.

Value Added Reseller offering

Our standard Gold pack has been designed for the use case where a value added reseller integrates JoramMQ into its product or service. This includes:

  • software publishers integrating JoramMQ to their software;
  • equipment manufacturers deploying JoramMQ on their hardware;
  • service providers (ASP or SaaS) operating JoramMQ included software for the benefit of their clients.

The Gold support pack provides the most complete assistance to your product whole lifecycle. However if you need support during only the development and test phases, and need no reassurance for the operation phase, then you may be satisfied with our Silver pack.

The Gold pack includes solutions for any number of execution issues raised during the development or operation project phases, and a pool of 40h development support more dedicated to questions arising during the application programming or deployment.

Unlimited operational deployments

This option is specific to JoramMQ Gold pack. It extends our service to the clients of our own VAR client. See our rationale below.

Additional options

Specific platform

Some warranties are limited to a list of reference platforms. We may include your own reference platforms to this list.

Additional version

Our Gold pack includes simultaneous support for 2 versions of JoramMQ, matching a standard upgrade procedure. If your own process involves more than 2 versions simultaneously in the field, they may be added to the contract.

Beware however the maximum support time for each version, with some limited services beyond.

Intellectual property protection

When you integrate JORAM to your product, you distribute a component which you do not know well, even though you have access to its source code. If you are subject to an IP infringement claim, you have to defend alone.

You may alternatively choose ScalAgent DT to support this risk, assuming your defense, and providing you with a replacement solution if needed.


Our standard silver pack is designed for a JoramMQ end user. If he runs into an execution issue, without being able to reproduce it, then we intervene in its environment.

On the contrary, a software publisher or an equipment manufacturer is no direct operator of the JoramMQ included system. His product is distributed to his own clients, who operate it. If the end user runs into an execution issue, without being able to reproduce it, then the VAR with a silver pack may not directly call on us. He must at least reproduce the issue on a test platform of his own, so that we may intervene in his environment.

This is the main reason for us providing the gold pack formula. The more our VAR client product is deployed, the more support load is likely to fall on us. On the other side all those clients operate the same single product, limiting the likeliness of running into new issues after a fair number of deployments. This allows us to support an unlimited number of deployments for a fixed price.

The service provider, ASP or SaaS, differs somehow but follows a similar rationale.

JoramMQ Entreprise
JoramMQ Entreprise
Technical terms
Technical terms

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