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The agent-based technology described above has been widely experimented to build and deploy distributed systems in various application domains. The JORAM platform is an example of such a design.

A JORAM server, i.e. the platform component that manages JMS objects, is an agent application structured as follows:

  • Queues and Topics are persistent agents.
  • A persistent proxy agent is created for each user registered by the server. This agent manages the communication for the JMS clients (producer and consumer) associated to this user. The “Store and Forward” function is implemented in a very natural way using agent atomicy and persistency properties.
  • Durable subscriptions and message persistency are achieved directly by the platform. In addition, guarantee of message delivery between two agents is also achieved by the MOM.

The flexibility of the overall JORAM platform benefits directly from the configuration capability of agent servers. These configuration parameters may evolve later on to adapt the structure of a JORAM platform to evolving requirements (new server, migration of Queues and Topic objects, change of security parameters, etc.).


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