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The MQTT protocol is the latest standard in the domain of asynchronous middleware, designed to be used in an IoT context.

ScalAgent DT has implemented the versions 3.1, 3.1.1 and 5.0 of the protocol, integrated with JoramMQ Entreprise as a plugin providing an MQTT server.


The MQTT server in JoramMQ provides the following features :

  • MQTT QoS levels 0, 1 and 2
  • message priority
  • dynamic topics
  • shared subscription support for MQTT (load balancing for MQTT clients sharing subscriptions)
  • default access control based on SSL/TLS and user authentication with password
  • plugin interface to customize the access control module
  • clustered and distributed topics
  • WebSocket connector (secure or not)
  • MQTT bridge with another MQTT server
  • required $SYS topics as specified at https://github.com/mqtt/mqtt.github.io/wiki/SYS-Topics

Performance evaluation campain

We have carried out an intensive performance evaluation campain, notably with a distributed physical architecture and with a large number of clients.

We are particularly proud of the results which demonstrate the stability and scalability of our middleware. The stress conditions include a very high throuput of messages and an extremely large number of clients. This makes JoramMQ a reference middleware for various industrial usages, notably M2M.

You may read more about this whole work in the following white paper to download: -JoramMQ_MQTT_white_paper-v1-2.pdf [597.9 kb], largely modified since its first published version before summer 2014.


The MQTT server is an agent based application, as is the JORAM server, built directly on top of the ScalAgent platform:

  • a persistent agent manages subscription contexts (Topics)
  • a persistent agent manages durable subscriptions (related to clients).

The MQTT server is fully compatible with the JORAM server, enabling MQTT and JMS clients to interoperate. It is notably possible to:

  • publish JMS messages to an MQTT Topic;
  • subscribe to an MQTT Topic via the JMS API, and receive the associated messages however they have been published.

Evaluation version

A preconfigured version of JoramMQ for MQTT testing is available on demand. It includes:

  • the JORAM server,
  • the MQTT plugin,
  • the three plugins TxLog, BatchEngine and BatchNetwork.

This version is limited to an evaluation use only. It holds no technical limitation. With this version you may evaluate JoramMQ as a pure MQTT broker, or interoperating from JMS.

Contact us to get a download link.


JoramMQ / MQTT white paper v1.2

-JoramMQ_MQTT_white_paper-v1-2.pdf [597.9 kb]

Benchmark MQTT servers v1.1

-Benchmark_MQTT_servers-v1-1.pdf [484.4 kb]

You have requested : Benchmark_MQTT_servers-v1-1.pdf [484.4 kb]

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Evaluation version

Contact us to get a download link.


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