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Challenges for an efficient Mediation Infrastructure

ScalAgent Distributed Technologies has build up its expertise and past success on an advanced technology that provides top of the art support of the technical challenges required by device-oriented applications.


Scalability is the key issue in Internet based applications. Scalability means that your software system is able to receive information from many devices without potential network congestion problems. Scalability means handling seamlessly the continuous increase of devices or data volume as the time goes on. The answer is "distributed intelligence", where processing of data is performed as close as possible from the sources, thus drastically decreasing the usage of communication media and benefiting from the slightest processing power of your devices.

However, distribution has always been considered as complex and unmanageable, because software components are everywhere on a poorly reliable network. ScalAgent DT, through its unique Smart Agents and Architecture Description Language technology manages automatically and seamlessly the complexity of distributing software.

Fast time to Market

Time to market is also a major issue because the required information to pick up from your networked infrastructure is likely to change as your activity evolves. ScalAgent DT enables rapid deployment of your evolving business logic onto your networked infrastructure by customizing with no programming skills the smart agents in charge of collecting, processing and delivering the information. The Architecture Definition Language and the smart agent assembling technology is the key to time-to-market, enabling non expert to define, configure, manage and change a complex distributed solution.

In-depth Adaptability

ScalAgent DT team members are experts in distributed architectures but we deeply feel our customers are the ones who master their business logic. Our solutions are fully and easily adaptable either by ourselves, our integrator partners or our customers, with a clear separation between the business logic and the technical issues. We care for the distributed software challenges and you care for the business you’ll derive from, in a complete partnership.


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