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Technical issues

Embedded information can be turned into revenue generating sources using Internet-based mediation infrastructure. However, technical issues must be addressed to create professional quality software solutions.

- Scalablity : ability to cope with large number of devices and/or high volumes of information while network congestion should be avoided.
- Adaptability and Flexibility : ability to seamlessly customize the solution and have it evolved easily at low cost with no complex development.
- Openness : ability to integrate with the business information system through recognized standards and tools.
- Distribution & Management : ability to automate the deployment and control the execution of software geographically distributed on thousands or millions of devices everywhere with no additional cost compared to "classical" centralized operations.
- Security : ability to handle devices at various places, with a wide variety of access policies, firewall techniques, encryption, authentication.
- Reliability : ability to ensure the mediation solution is available and reliable and fault tolerant despite transient failures of network, devices and servers, communication channels.


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