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Connect devices to the information system

Mediation is a major funding component when operating a large number of devices geographically distributed on a metropolitan, nationwide or worldwide basis. Mediation connects the devices usage data, potential root of added value for the enterprise, to the information system where it can be capitalized on.

What is Mediation

Data Mediation is the process of collecting and processing usage data from networked devices, to compute pertinent indicators and to deliver those to business applications in real-time.

What are Mediation systems

Mediation systems are the business software infrastructure integrating widely distributed devices with the information system over the Internet or large-scale private networks.


- The term "mediation" comes from the telecom industry where the mediation infrastructure is the strategic element at the forefront of numerous business applications such as rating and billing, supervision and QoS management.

- Emerging applications and services involving smart Internet devices - such as health care systems, building and home automation, facilities systems, … - are today facing similar problems and requirements as in the telecom area, but specific issues in the management and the distribution of the networked smart objects introduces differences.


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