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Mediation Suite general architecture


Mediation servers

Mediation servers run on standard PC hardware. With a JORAM foundation, mediation servers host the mediation logic and ensure data transport. The mediation middleware may also run on gateways, offering mediation functionalities on more limited hardware, closer to the devices. An even more limited version of the middleware, reduced to JORAM, may be directly embedded on the devices.

Mediation components

The mediation components library includes

  • collection components to collect data from the devices,
  • transformation components to manage the accurateness of data to collect, to precalculate relevant indicators, to optimize the size of data to transfer,
  • transport components to ease and optimize to use of the underlying message bus,
  • integration components to deliver transformed data to the information system.

Administration console

The administration console provides a Web GUI to configure and manage the network of servers and devices. It notably automates the deployment of mediation components on the various servers and gateways, from a single centralized administration point.

The administration console also provides a simplified interface to monitor devices and display device data.

Software Components Development Kit

Last part of the framework, the SCDK facilitates the creation of new classes of mediation components, and their incorporation in the global system.


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