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ScalAgent Mediation Suite


Mediation Suite is a rich middleware dedicated to building mediation solutions. It is delivered as a framework that provides all cross-domains functions required to integrate usage data from devices to the enterprise information system. It may be customized to a business domain, to define specific device types, data formats, and operations on data.


The framework is made of mediation components (embedding the functions operating on data), and mediation servers comprising the JORAM middleware and the deployment and reconfiguration tools enabling the remote deployment of mediation solutions and their dynamic reconfiguration. A software development kit helps customizing your solution.


Mediation Suite is currently deployed in several RFID systems, as the founding middleware of the Tagsys RFID Econnectware™ family of products. Prototypes of mediation solutions built on top of Mediation Suite have also been implemented for IP Telecom and Energy Management business domains.


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