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Communication middleware

The communication middleware provides the system support to deploy and operate a mediation solution designed for a set of heterogeneous execution nodes connected through Internet.

ScalAgent MOM

The ScalAgent MOM provides a reliable and scalable asynchronous messaging service that guarantees message delivery in wide area Internet-based environments. The MOM is 100% Java and is highly flexible so that it can run efficiently on a wide spectrum of stations and servers including mobile and embedded appliances (i.e. J2ME environments). Its snowflake architecture is highly configurable enabling the distributed run-time environment to be tailored for the specific constraints of the application physical environment.

The ScalAgent MOM can be used in two ways:

  • through the JMS1.1 standard (Java Messaging Service); it is then available as the open source JORAM product;
  • through a more sophisticated API, embedded within a distributed agent-based, object-oriented programming model, which helps the safe development of large-scale complex distributed applications.

Deployment and Monitoring services

Thanks to the unique remote deployment technology defined by ScalAgent DT, mediation components can be installed, configured and then monitored on any processing node involved in the mediation chain. This facility is the key to simplifying the life cycle management of a geographically distributed software solution. These application management facilities are available through the following graphical tools:

  • Mediation Deployer: controls the deployment process of any mediation solution on remote nodes, from a central administration console. At the end of the deployment stage, the mediation solution is ready for execution.
  • Mediation Monitoring: additional tools for the run-time monitoring of the application components.
Technology overview
Technology overview


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