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The Mediation Framework in use

A mediation solution is a set of distributed mediation components running under the control of the ScalAgent middleware. Mediation components as well as middleware components are located on logical mediation servers. The set of tools that enable the construction, deployment and operational management of the complete mediation solution are made available in the ScalAgent Software Development Kit (SDK).

Mediation servers

Mediation servers are in charge of hosting and operating mediation components. They are powered by the Scalagent middleware technology. Servers can operate on any Java enabled hardware and operating system. Depending on the type of hardware, a complete Mediation Server, a lightweight Mediation eServer, or even a JORAM limited middleware can be operated.

  • Mediation Servers are the complete version of the Mediation Suite runtime container. Mediation Servers are configured in order to ensure part or all of the following properties: persistency of smart agents, guaranteed delivery of mediation data, global ordering of communications, secure communication channels, firewall-through communication channels, web-based management, JMXT enabled management, …
  • Mediation eServers: this lightweight version of the Mediation Servers provides some or all of Mediation Servers properties according to hardware capacity. Mediation eServer can host a subset of Smart Agents, whose number depends also on the hardware capacity. The Mediation eServer can be integrated into legacy Java-based device gateways.
  • JORAM is the lightest version of the ScalAgent middleware to be used on very limited devices. Functionalities are then limited to the collection and forwarding of device data with a specific business component. All properties of the communication middleware remain available.

The deployment topology of Mediation Servers is completely flexible, according to the enterprise hardware infrastructure and network connections. Mediation Server configurations can vary from one Mediation Server to thousands, while Mediation eServer figures are limited just by the imagination and hardware capacities. From one configuration to another, ScalAgent Mediation Suite will assist you in evolving your system at the lowest possible cost.

Mediation SDK

The Mediation SDK is the set of Java-based tools for the development and administration of mediation solutions. The tools operate on the mediation components and use the services of the ScalAgent middleware.

The tools are operated by both by the application designer and the application administrator.

Technology overview
Technology overview


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