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Buy an MQPerf standard token

The MQPerf standard service is controlled by a system of tokens. The MQPerf token is charged 300 €. It enables unlocking an MQPerf standard report.

MQPerf tokens are purchased as follows:

  • create an account on the Web site, or log in if you already have an account.
  • fill in billing data. All data are required for billing.
  • get a price quotation. You specify the number of tokens, and get a price quotation as a proforma invoice.
  • actual ordering. You complete and send us (commercial@scalagent.com) a purchase order, which may be the signed quotation.
  • order processing. We process your order, and report on the web site. Your account is credited with the number of purchased tokens.
  • invoice payment. Our general conditions allow for a payment within 30 days.

All documents transfers may be done electronically. You may then get your tokens rapidly.

MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software
MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software


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