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Service execution

The MQPerf service operates according to the following procedure:

  1. download a software, called the Probe;
  2. execute the Probe locally, resulting in a data file called the Analysis;
  3. upload the Analysis onto the MQPerf web server;
  4. get the report.

Please accept the MQPerf license and click on the link below to start downloading the probe.

The probe is a Java software provided as an executable jar file. If you would like to test JORAM on your current machine, then you may choose the run option. You may also choose the save option, then move the probe on your target host to run it.


License conditions

The MQPerf License defines the usage conditions by the Client for all items involved in the MQPerf service (probe, web service, report). It notably grants very extensive rights on the report, including for an industrial or a commercial usage.

It also defines the exhaustive list of the data collected in the Analysis, which exclude any personal data of the Client or enabling to identify it.

Read the whole license terms: -MQPerf_PL_1_0_En.pdf [22 kb]


I accept the MQPerf license conditions


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You must accept the MQPerf license conditions
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MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software
MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software


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