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Service execution

The MQPerf service operates according to the following procedure:

  1. download a software, called the Probe;
  2. execute the Probe locally, resulting in a data file called the Analysis;
  3. upload the Analysis onto the MQPerf web server;
  4. get the report.

The probe is a Java software provided as an executable jar file. It thus requires Java installed on your tests target host.

You run the probe simply by double clicking on the jar file. You may also run it when you download it, by choosing the open or run option instead of save. You are allowed to copy the probe and to run it on several hosts, as stated in the usage conditions.

Right on starting the MQPerf probe you are asked to choose the execution mode: community or standard. There is actually a single probe for the two versions of the service. A community execution would take about 25 minutes, and allows for a community report. A standard execution would take about 2h30, and allows for a community report then eventually a standard report. If you do not consider asking for the standard report you may simply execute the probe in community mode.

When you choose the standard execution mode, you are asked for a custom message size. The base tests use two fixed message sizes, 100 and 10.000 bytes. This option, preset at 1.000 bytes and accepting up to 100.000 bytes, allows you to test JORAM with a message size closer to your requirements.

The probe runs in a standalone mode. You may execute it on a host without Internet access. However an active network interface is required, as the probe deploys both a JORAM server and a JMS client communicating through TCP.

When the probe execution ends, a popup window displays the name and holding directory of the created Analysis file. With this file you may proceed to the next execution step of the service.

MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software
MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software


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