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Service execution

The MQPerf service operates according to the following procedure:

  1. download a software, called the Probe;
  2. execute the Probe locally, resulting in a data file called the Analysis;
  3. upload the Analysis onto the MQPerf web server;
  4. get the report.

community report

You get the community report automatically after uploading an Analysis file. If you have created your private space, you may then register the report to retrieve it at a later time.

When you log in to our website, you can find the reports you registered in your private space with the Saved reports tab from the main MQPerf page. Saved reports are organized in two sections, actually mapping the type of uploaded anamysis file. Your community report will be filed in the Community edition section if the probe was executed in community mode, or in the Standard edition section if it was executed in standard mode.

The comment you provide when registering a report helps you to retrieve it later on. The list also displays the registration date of the reports.

comparison report

The Saved reports tab also enables you to compare two tests. You may want to measure the variability of the tests results on the same host, or to compare two different hosts. You just have to check two registered reports, be they from the community section or from the standard section, and ask for the comparison report.

This report is built anew at each request. It is provided like a community report, as an html page loaded by the browser after a few seconds.

standard report

Last but not least, the Saved reports tab is the entry point for requesting a standard report.

A standard type analysis, saved in the Standard edition section, gets a new button to ask for its associated standard report. This button is originally locked. It can be unlocked using an MQPerf token. Clicking the button retrieves the report, in OpenDocument format, which may be directly opened in the editor, or saved on disk (usual download options).

An unlocked report can of course be retrieved again later, after the first request.

MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software
MQPerf License
licenses & third parties software


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