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MQPerf community service description

throughput optimums

MQPerf community provides you with throughput and latency measurements related to the maximum sustainable throughput for JORAM on your own system according to 16 basic use cases of a JMS compliant MOM. The scenarios derive from 4 explored axes, with 2 possible values for each axis:

  • destination type axis: using a JMS queue or topic,
  • persistency axis: using persistent or transient messages,
  • message size axis: using small (100 B/msg) or large (10 kB/msg) messages,
  • connection type axis: the client connecting to JORAM through TCP (tcp, common JMS use) or being executed in the same JVM as JORAM (local, common J2EE use).


The results of the 16 tests on your system are compared to the results of the same tests on a number of reference platforms, including EC2 hosts types. Eventually your system is given a global performance score, which is then positioned in the scale of all the tests that have been previously submitted to the service.

Added value

MQPerf community provides you with a better understanding of JORAM capabilities, considering the software itself and the hardware used for executing it. With this knowledge you may use JORAM in the best way, thus reducing the risk for your application to run into performance limitations. You also gain, early in the project, a fair evaluation of the potential of your application to handle an increasing input load.

MQPerf community is also a fair and efficient way for you to contribute to the JORAM open source software. When you push the results of your own system tests, you actively help demonstrating the industrial grade quality of this middleware. The resulting knowledge base benefits all JORAM users, including you.

For more details

You may appreciate in more details the value of MQPerf community from a report example here. This report is further detailed in the first part of the description of a standard report there.


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