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The energy market has witnessed tremendous changes since deregulation. New actors are emerging such as distributed energy providers. Competition between worldwide utilities leads to the ongoing development of new services for energy management and customer satisfaction. All those services rely on usage data collected from numerous devices such as meter, breaker, transformer, pump, valves, switch, automation devices ….

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Customer benefits

The supervision service is operated by either the device manufacturer or a service provider. Such an Internet-based supervision benefits to both the manufacturer and the customer using the devices:

- The device manufacturer has access to a global view of all installed devices indicators and can keep track of maintenance and support operations. This knowledge base , shared by every on-site technician, leads to faster reaction time for troubleshooting resolution. Moreover, it allows predictive and anticipated maintenance around the world, thus leading to reduced operating costs as on-site maintenance can be avoided in many cases by remote monitoring and control.

- The customer benefits also from a worldwide source of information. The information collected from the various customer sites might be correlated according to all conditions of use and is shared among customers. This leads to reduced support and maintenance costs, faster reaction time and increased quality of service.

This supervision service showcase relies on casino bonus ScalAgent Mediation Suite framework which aims at collecting usage data and events from the devices in order to process them into indicators and alarms through filtering, aggregation, fusion and correlation from multiple sources. The mediation infrastructure aims also at delivering those pertinent information to a supervision server in charge of storing, archiving and reporting global indicators and critical events. The mediation infrastructure is adaptable in order to cope with evolving runtime conditions, such as need for new indicators computation, new customer sites, evolving devices and networks, … . In order to allow such a flexibility level, the mediation infrastructure supports a remote, safe and dynamic reconfiguration process without interruption of service and with no further development at the server or device side.


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