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Internet of things

The Internet of things bears huge constraints of scalability. They are addressed by the MQTT protocol, an OASIS standard. JoramMQ provides a very efficient and scalable implementation of the protocol, that makes it particularly fit to the IoT world.

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Preserving interactivity in an IoT application when the number of connected devices grows is a real challenge for the middleware. JoramMQ takes it up, in this actual application with an indicative target of 5.000.000 devices.

Client profile

Our client is a software integrator building an IoT solution for an airport operator.

The project

The operator wishes to keep a durable link with the airport users, by means of an interactive mobile application to download on their smartphone.

We are consulted over the link between the smartphones and the information system.

Key criteria

Enable load scaling

very high number of potential users, with an indicative target of 5.000.000

Ensure messages reliability

wo-way communication between smartphone and information system, with no message loss

Preserve interactivity

all devices connected simultaneously

low connection delay

low message latency

Client benefits

A reliable and sustainable service

With JoramMQ our client gets a reliable and performant communication middleware, able to scale to the high load he expects.

He may focus on building and providing to his users the applicative added value at the core of his project.

A convenient licensing model

The JoramMQ licensing model, fixed for a project, guarantees to our client a fixed and known pricing for the whole project duration. Licensing will not be a concern which could hamper his applicative creativity.


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