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Entreprise IS: MQPerf

The JORAM MOM is a natural component in an Entreprise Information System. MQPerf, as a JORAM performance metering service, helps the project leader to use it from the early choice phases to the later diagnosis or migration phases.

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A lot of software engineers build today programs by integrating existing components, instead of building everything from scratch. This brings many benefits, such as superior reliability, lesser risk, and also lower costs. However this holds an inherent cost in training to the reused component, usually ignored with more or less consequences.

Of course MQPerf community cannot match a true JORAM training course. However it provides the programmer with significant information which will help him using this product more efficiently.

MQPerf community added value

Know the middleware potential

MQPerf community gives the programmer the optimum of JORAM performances according to basic use cases of a JMS compliant MOM, on his own system. He may then compare his own results to this optimum, and somehow measure the quality of his work regarding performances.

The provided figures have been measured on his own system, with the standard version of JORAM. He may trust them absolutely, which would not be the case with performance data provided by third parties.

Beyond his own system, the developper gets from MQPerf the potential of JORAM on the other systems used by the community. He then learns the potential performance gains a change in physical architecture could bring him.

Feedback on the architecture

JORAM performances, as detailed by MQPerf for the various scenarios, gives the programmer some feedback on his chosen software architecture.

MQPerf cannot be compared to a true training course on JORAM, however it implements a large variety of use cases. This quite extended study brings the programmer some insight into the middleware capabilities, and more importantly into the performance at stake behind the technical choices. If he works under the leadership of a project leader, those results give him some material to discuss the software architecture with him.

Control the black box

MQPerf informs the programmer about the standard operation capabilities of JORAM. He is then able to better differenciate what relates to JORAM and what relates to his own code, when considering his global application. He may notably compare the operation conditions of JORAM inside his application to the optimal conditions of the MQPerf test, inferring likely causes to a possible erroneous execution, or identifying areas of improvement.

Very low cost

There is no high acquisition or operation cost to reduce the value of MQPerf. Actually the biggest strength of the service lies in it being profitably usable by a beginner JORAM programmer. This cost comes down to:

  • 5 mn of simple operations,
  • 20 mn of exclusive usage of the target host.

Contribute to JORAM

Contribute usefully

The health of an open-source project is directly related to the size of its community. The size of the JORAM project itself makes it difficult to build a strong developer community. On the other side we are proud of the size of our user community, which spans no less than 62 countries over the 5 continents. With MQPerf community this community will be made visible, demonstrating the health of the JORAM project. When you contribute with MQPerf you help build this image, strengthening the project itself and its durability.

As a result when you use MQPerf community, you gain not just the contributions of the whole community translated in the reports as comparative diagrams and summary charts, you also strengthen the durability of your product.

Contribute easily

It is not easy to contribute to an open-source project directly with source code. On the contrary it is very easy (5 mn of your time) and safe (anonymized and summarized results) to submit an MQPerf test. MQPerf community is thus an opportunity for you to easily contribute to JORAM, the high quality open-source project of your choice. We distinctly appreciate your help.


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